What's next in encryption?

The heart of SecretFolder. The idea behind Bettysoft.
A collection of code to keep your data secure.

  • listChoose the algorithWell known standard algorithms secure your data. And you can choose which one.
  • heartBuilt in securityDeep integrated, BettyCrypt forms the heart of SecretFolder.
  • codeOpen SourceThe whole code of the BettyCrypt library is hosted on Github.

As part of SecretFolder the BettyCrypt library offers functionality for encryption and decryption. It includes different algoriths from which you can choose any, you want to secure your data with. From time to time Bettysoft expands the list of algorithms to offer even more and better cryptographic functionality for every human around the world in every use case.
The whole BettyCrypt library is hosted on Github and can be analized by anyone who wants to.

Read more about the architecture of the library or visit Github to view the repository.